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Mighty Oaks from Tiny Acorns grow...

Two lifelong friends who grew up by the woods set out to make high quality, nature inspired, bespoke gifts at an affordable price. 

We called ourselves Tiny Acorn partly as a joke as one of us is 6'4", partly because we're obsessed with trees, and partly because we were hopeful we could turn this idea into the metaphorical mighty oak.

Operating from a single garage we somehow found ourselves growing from craft fairs to trading at the prestigious  Shambles Market in York (we're there every Saturday folks!). All of a sudden, we're selling to customers all over the world, providing venue decoration at people's weddings, making props for theatre events and dressing nationally recognised awards ceremonies. 

If we'd planned it, it wouldn't have worked so well; We're not business savvy, we're embarrassingly poor at selling ourselves and we're apparently "too nice to be company directors" (we happen to think at least two of these things are positives btw). It can only be down to the products. Our obsessive attention to detail, our motto of "good enough is never good enough" and our desire to produce things that haven't been done before seems to count for a lot. 

This website marks the start of a new chapter. It's the point where two dreamers start taking things seriously. This is us stepping into the unknown and trying to "sell ourselves". We're doing it our way and doing it ourselves. This means that our website probably won't be the most highly optimised, our photographs won't be lit like the professionals (neither of us are web designers or photographers) but it will be real. It will be functional enough to show off the products. We hope by taking the choice to do it ourselves we can inject enough heart to convey the care we take in what we do and stay true to what we originally set out to do; providing high quality, nature inspired bespoke gifts at an affordable price.