These are fast becoming Tiny Acorn’s “signature product”. We’ve done these for shops, pubs, bands, a dentist surgery, parties, one bloke’s shed…

100% bespoke, made to order and fully customisable - tell us what you’d like it to say and we’ll make it. 

You can have any colour you like. We think two colours works best - one for the boarder and the text and another for the background. We also like them natural (you could even have one and paint it yourself you crafty little lovely you)

Like all Tiny Acorn items they’re made from 100% responsibly sourced materials and are hand finished to a very high standard.

We've priced these at £40 but in the past we've had some very specific orders - if you'd like a smaller one we can do it cheaper; if you'd like to go huge the price may go up a little. Talk to us if you've anything in mind.

Personalised Street Sign




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